10 Gorgeous Daughters Of Your Favorite Hollywood Stars

Anyone can recognize Hollywood elite when they see them. How about their daughters? The young girls who grew up surrounded by glitz and glamour.

Some of them are still kids, yet some have dazzled us as they’ve matured into stunning young women. So get ready to take a look at the progeny of some of your favorite Hollywood stars.

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    Born: November 6, 1985
    Parents: Lorenzo Lamas & Michele Cathy Smith
    We all know Lorenzo Lamas, but have you gotten a load of his daughter, Shayne Dahl Lamas. You might remember her from the hit reality television show, The Bachelor.

    She appeared on it in 2012 and she actually won the show and the handsome billionaire, unfortunately their relationship behind cameras didn’t workout and the two went their separate ways. She later had her own reality show on E! called Leave It To Lamas which followed her and her life.


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