10 Iconic Masks You’ll Never Forget Once You See Them

The human face is the most fascinating part of the body. It allows a wide range of expression, of individuality, of personality. You can really connect to a person by looking them in the eye. Then again, that’s probably not something you always want to happen.
Anonymity is important in this world. And sometimes, when you’re a superhero or a super-villain, you don’t want people to see you as a simple human, you want to become something larger than life. Something that has more imagery and theatrics attached to it. So you get yourself one of those fancy masks kids are talking about. And sometimes, those masks can be iconic as hell, either inspiring or frightening depending on who looks at them.
Let’s take a look at some iconic masks that we’ve seen on the silver screen.

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    He has a face like a ghost. The knife is real, though


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