20 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Muslim

We live in a political and social climate that has not been kind to people of the Muslim faith over the last 15 years. Following the 9/11 terror attacks, many people started to believe that all of Islam is led by radical beliefs, and began to target anyone who followed the faith. What many of those very same bigots don’t realize is that there are many popular sports figures, actors, models, musicians, and other celebrities, who practice the Islamic faith. We’ve rounded up a group of celebrities you might not know are Muslim. Each of these individuals have one big thing in common — they have all openly talked about being Muslim and how the religion has changed their lives for the better.

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    Muhammad Ali may have been one of the most famous Muslims in the world. Before his death, he regularly talked about being a devout follower of the faith. As late as December 2012 he told NBC News, “I am a Muslim and there is nothing Islamic about killing innocent people in Paris, San Bernardino, or anywhere else in the world.” He regularly asked Muslim politicians to bring understanding about the religion to Islam. He actually changed his name from Cassius Clay to Muhammad Ali in order to celebrate his religion.


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