25 Times Katy Perry Showed Off More Than She Should Have

It's quite obvious that Katy Perry might have one the greatest pair of "knockers" we’ve seen in pop culture as of late. Can you imagine driving down a bumpy road purposely just to watch them jiggle? Or watching them bounce up and down on a treadmill in tight clothes? We can hear the deep sighs now, let’s just hope in the near future she’s on live television and has some sort of wardrobe malfunction (where her top accidentally slips off, of course). Here we have included 25 photos of Katy Perry’s "melons" absolutely pouring out of her top, as well as a couple of facts you may not have known about one of the hottest and well "rounded" pop stars in the world. You will not believe what she exposes on #25!

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    I Kissed A Girl



Katy Perry

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