9 Ab Workouts That Will Have You Shredded In No Time

Let's face it, abs are awesome! While they definitely aren't one of life's major necessities or a mandatory part of getting fit, they definitely don't hurt either. Whether you want abs solely for bragging rights or they are a fitness milestone you're looking to overcome, you might just have your work cut out for you.

Getting that "perfect" six pack and sculpting your core aren't as simple as doing a few pull ups. While the strength, dedication, and time needed in keeping your body fit can be substantial at times, the gains never fail to be worth the pain.

Many people tend to go about sculpting their abs in entirely the wrong ways. From too many crunches and not enough leafy greens to too little weight training and a few too many beers. If you want to put in the time and work into getting ridiculously shredded, you may want to try these awesome nine exercises.

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    Fat Burning Abs Workout

    This short but intensive workout helps burn fat and sculpt the abs with a series of targeted exercises like Russian twists, Spiderman planks, and toe-touches. Specifically created to go three or four rounds and without any real equipment, there's no real reason you shouldn't be doing this workout right now!


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