Kat Kubacki

Myself in a sentence: I'm one of a kind, funny bitch.

Occupation: Real Estate

Hometown: Sydney, Australia

The design and themes of my tattoos: My theme is Japanese. I eventually want a full body suit with a Yakuza theme. As i work in an office 9 - 5 job i wanted the look of corporate boss during the day and tattooed beauty by night! I have a few sneaky hand tattoos that my clients love though!

More specifics about my tattoo: My first huge piece was the wings on my back which i got for my friend that passed away. She commited suicide and i found her. She always said she wanted to get wings tattooed so instead of getting a shitty little one i though F*&^ it and got my whole back done. Its been an obsession ever since.

My favorite tattoo and the story behind it: My favourite is my family tattoo on my finger which i got on a bender with my cousin in Kings Cross.

My next tattoo: I am working on my complete body suit which at the moment covers my whole leg and ribs. All out Yakuza baby!

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