Khaleesi is the Queen of Going-Out Tops

GOT is very well-known as Game of Thrones and fanatics know this by heart. For the fashion-forward, they definitely love seeing Daenerys Targaryen’s eccentric wardrobe for most of her clothing is 90% going-out tops or gowns whose top halves are basically patterned for the GOT. Her clothes are to-die-for even as she’s freeing slaves, careening across deserts, and making a strong defense for the throne.

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    The major examples of the going-out top, a bold, “fancy” top reserved for special occasions are the embellished halter top, the lingerie-inspired tank, the woven crop top and even the tube top! A stylish young woman might even have an entire shirt wardrobe just for attending Friday night parties, girls’ nights out, bachelorette parties, pub crawls, and the like. Usually, these tops are paired with jeans and killer heels.

    Khaleesi-though of royalty, being the queen- is still of the age when a young woman requires a special festive-shirt wardrobe. She might be the Mother of Dragons, but for her massive collection of clothes featured here, she could easily be regarded as the Mother of Bottle Service.


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