Paul Walker's Daughter Has Grown Up And This Is What She Is Doing For Her Dad

"If someday speed would kill me, do not cry, I was smiling" - Paul Walker.
Nobody thought that this would indeed become the life statement for the actor. On November 30, 2013, the iconic and most followed star alongside Vin Diesel from the Fast and the Furious franchise, Paul Walker, lost his life to a fateful accident. I could still feel that shock and terror which I had felt that day. Almost all of us have heard the name, Paul Walker. In most cases, this name has a special place in the hearts.
Someone has said it truly, you only realise the value of something when you lose it. The world understood this after losing Paul. While everyone missed Paul Walker, some people focused more on his family. And it's true, after all, a 15-year-old teen girl had lost her father. Paul's daughter, Meadow had even filed the case against Porsche automobile manufacturer; stating that their car model Carrera GT lacked the proper stability control system. Unfortunately, she lost that case, but not her hope. She picked herself up, worked hard, and now Meadow has honoured her father's name in the most beautiful ways possible.
Let's have a look!

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    The tragic accident

    On 30 November 2013, Paul Walker was killed in a car crash. Roger Rodas was driving the Porsche nearly 55 miles faster than the speed limit when it crashed into a lamppost and two trees. As horrific as it sounds, the terrible accident was enough to claim two precious lives.


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