People Call Her ‘Centaur’

What is sexiness? When browsing through Insta accounts we meet numerous models’ profiles. They try to attract the audience with huge boobs and big butts. But when we get too much of it – we just start looking for something else. Our eyes need some new unique features to get real pleasure. And when we come across someone like our today’s hero – our jaws drop.

Meet one of the sexiest girls on Instagram. Her name is Natascha Encinosa and she is a popular personal trainer, model, online coach and all-round fitness enthusiast. But her story is even more inspiring when digging deep into details of her bio. She was born back in 1996 and was just like millions of other kids all over the globe.

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    But in her teens she realized she was a bit overweight and kept gaining. Although her family and friends supported her as much as they could, there was one event chat turned her world upside down. Natascha fell in love with a nice guy and they even dated for a while. But then suddenly her boyfriend said he wanted to break up. She just wanted to know what happened. So, he said she was too fat for an awesome pall like him.


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