Romanian Photographer Shoots Women From Different Countries To Show That Beauty Is Everywhere

Beauty is everywhere and Mihaela Noroc, a Romanian photographer, is continuing her journey to prove it by travelling the world and photographing dazzling women. Her project is called "The Atlas of Beauty" and she posted the photos from 37 countries on Bored Panda roughly a year ago. Now, she is back with more photos!

"In the past two years I traveled around the world and I photographed hundreds of women in diverse environments," she wrote on Bored Panda. "My goal is to show that beauty is in our differences, not in trends, money or race."

"Through my photography I want to capture that feeling of warmth and serenity which is so specific to women and comes to balance all the negativity we see in the media. I think people should be more aware about other cultures and beauty can teach us to be more tolerant."

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    Maramures, Romania


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