She Got Eye Tattoo Just Not To Look Boring

Today all teens dream to get grown-ups for one simple reason – freedom. Freedom for doing all they want to their lives and of course their bodies. Some 20 years ago hey wanted brighter outfits and harder music in their headphones. Now they want tattoos and piercing.

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    16-year old Amber Luke was just one of them. She hated the fact that she was just like everyone else and she could call her look too boring to live with. Long blond hair, fit body and pale skin – disgusting, isn’t it? Amber would give anything to be just a bit different from all girls in her school. So, she talked down her parents for a tattoo.

    They probably thought their little girl would be satisfied with a single ink. But that was just the beginning for something more insane. Just the first step to her new body.




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