The Legacy Left Behind By The King Of Pop, Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson made a huge mark in the world of music and in the world in general. When he died, we were all shocked and saddened. It’s hard to believe that such a huge name in music and in pop culture was gone. In some ways, it feels like he’s still here. Even though he’s not alive anymore, his music lives on to inspire future generations.

Keep reading to discover some insane facts about Michael Jackson, like which exotic animal he kept bringing to recording sessions with Freddie Mercury and the real reason he drank wine out of Diet Coke cans.

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    Not Weird Enough For Weird Al

    Michael Jackson was a big fan of Weird Al, but he requested that he not record a parody of ‘Black or White’ because the message was too important. Weird Al did record a parody of another Michael Jackson song though. Remember ‘Eat It?’ Weird Al’s parody of ‘Beat It?’

    That song was everything my preteen heart didn’t know it needed. It’s nice to know that Michael Jackson had a sense of humor, but even he had his limits.


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