The Selfie Game Is Strong

Okay so we all have taken a selfie at one time or another.. and with the way social media platforms have taken over the internet, and with all the social media tools, many women take selfies on a daily basis to post on their social media outlets.

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    Smartphones never leave a woman’s side, and they are always ready to take the perfect self shot for any occasion. Any event, or party, or any night out anywhere for that matter is “selfie” time to many women. Bathrooms, gyms, and bedrooms are always the perfect place to take a selfie it always seems. The next step is making that selfie perfect with all the technology, filters and gadgets on smartphones. Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook have grown increasingly popular, and women love to stay in touch with their friends and followers through their selfies.. the selfie game is strong and we are not complaining!


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