The Spring Break 'Butt Luge' Is Officially Out of Control, and We've Got the Videos to Prove It

This weird ass trend is reaching nasty new heights.
Spring break spawns all kinds of bad behavior, but the gag-inducing "butt luge" might be the most ridiculous stunt to ever cross the depraved minds of drunken college students.

We'll let the videos below serve as an eye-popping explanation:

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    A dude slurping beer out of a girl's ass is one thing, but increasingly absurd variations are taking the trend to nasty new heights.

    For instance, the "man thong bong" was submitted to Barstool's 5th Year Instagram page. The video shows a fearless—and very likely blitzed—woman doing a particularly hairy butt luge off of a man who's sporting a Borat-style mankini.
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